Zombie Typocalypse: – Use the keyboard by type the Zombies mumble above their head. Coordinates to the marines with the big guns! Kill Zombies.

Zombie Typocalypse: – Disaster has stuck our secret military research base. The Mutagen X has leaked out creating a scene of apocalyptic proportions. The local populace has suddenly turned into Zombies. The Zombie flu is spreading fast and without warning. There is no escape.
The only chance is to leave the planet and await off-world until all the Zombies die of starvation and lack of fresh brains. Fortunately, we have firing table nearby with a shuttle ready to take off. We will take the other survivors and follow the road particularly our only means of escape. As we go, we will need to check the Zombies will be everywhere.

You are a heart of the team! Use the keyboard to enter the text the Zombies mumble above their head. This will give its coordinates to the marines with the big guns! Kill Zombies short of earning change for combos. Use the same technique to return ammo, bonuses, and more money. Use your money strategically to ramp up your weapons and ammo for later levels. You’ll need it.