Word Scramble Game

Word Scramble:- Click and drag the letter tiles to rearrange them into Valid words. You may Click The hint button to get the meaning of the word.

Are you able to use dysfunctional letters to compose valid English words without examine the dictionary? In this game you will be given a set of scrambled alphabetical character tiles, and your aim is to reposition them into valid words. You can click and drag the glazed tiles to their deserved positions, then click the Submit button under the tiles to check if the character is correct. If the tiles form a valid word, you will be grant awarded a score based on the amount of time you have used up. If the word does not exist, 2000 points will be subtracted. You may click the clue button on the left of the Submit button to check the meaning of the hidden word, but you will lose 3000 points if you do so. The timer at the lower right corner will show the remaining time for the current question, and when time is up, you may no longer arrange the tiles and the answer will be shown. Accept the challenge of the classic word game now!