Type ’em up Game

Type ’em up Game Play: – Letter and Number Keys: Attack the nearest enemy that bears the same character.
Space bar or Enter Key – Move your ship, important for dodging enemy shots.
BackSpace – Toggle high/low quality.
Score – The faster you kill an enemy, and the higher your current chain, the more points you get.
Chain – The number of enemies you have killed without letting any get away, or taking any damage
Energy – Your life bar, you die if it reaches 0
Sorry Mode -Four Stages of various challenges.
Practice Mode – Set various options to your own preference, and play with unlimited enemies.
High, Score Mode – Play under difficult settings, and submit you’re online when you die.
Speed – How fast the enemies move towards you
Acceleration – Enemy speed gradually increases over time if turned on.
Enemies – What kind of enemies you will face.
Enemy Mode Chaos – Enemies appear randomly.
Order – Enemies appear at a constant rate.
Attack Rate – How often enemies shoot at you
Accuracy Penalty – Lose 1 energy for incorrect key presses if turned on.