Spider-Man 2 Typing Game

Welcome To Spider-Man 2: Web of Words!
Spell words and climb buildings to help Spider-Man keep the city safe from Doc Ock!
Your goal is to advance Spider-Man through each level by spelling words.
Depending on the game mode, a level is finished when Spider reaches the top of a building or completes an abreast confrontation with Doc Ock.
Quick Instructions:
Spell words by typing or clicking on the letter tiles.
When you have a word ready, click the SUBMIT button or press the ENTER key.
The more words you spell the higher Spidey climbs!
Take too long to spell a word and Doc Ock will attack!
Typing letters and pressing the enter is much faster than using the mouse.
Spell longer words for a better score.
Earn extra points by completing challenges in the lower left corner of the screen
Bonus tiles are earned by spelling words of 4 or more letters.