Qwerty 2 Typing Game

Qwerty 2 Typing Game: – Correctly type the word that appears under the approaching enemy to defeat them. Type successive words correctly in order to gain a multiplier(up to 10x). If an enemy gets too close, they will start shooting at you and taking off your health. If you run out of health, it is game over.
Collect power ups to replenish your health. Increase your multiplier, or defeat the oncoming enemies more easily. Some of them have a temporary lasting effect, and will eventually run the screen to see how much time is left on power ups. When creating your own word banks, you have to include at least 15 words starting with different letters for each list in order for it to be usable in game. Use the CTRL key to bringing up the pause menu where you can adjust the quality settings, Volume, or quit back to the menu.