Letter Weave Game

Accompany the letters of all the concealed words by clicking and dragging over them fast. The colors next to the first and last letters of a word must match. Click on a letter on the left side column to begin connecting letters. Letters must be possessive by dragging from one column to the next. Each letter must be no more than one row above or below the letter in the bygone column. Release pull when a word is fully formed. Release the drag at any time to start over and concoct another effort.

Click the hint button or press spacebar to divulge the color of one random letter from an inside column. After the first hint arise, which is earlier on later levels, an additional clue comes every eight seconds. A word between non-matching colors cannot be correct. The correct answer will always be found between matching colors. A word that is not a real dictionary word cannot be correct.

The correct answer will always be a right word. There is only one probable proper response for each color. Move back and forth while dragging to transition chosen letters if inevitable. Connect all the words in order to pass the level. Pass all 16 levels to complete the game. One point is scored for each connected letter and for each remaining second when a level ends. Complete each level before time expire. The game ends if time runs out on any level. Pass levels quickly in order to score as many points as possible.