Gunsmoke Helloween

Gunsmoke Helloween:- Kill an enemy by typing the letter displayed above their heads using the Keyboard. You Can only shoot the enemy next to you the one who is first in line. Shoot them quickly to create a combo and to raise your multiplier shown at the lower right corner of the screen. A combo of 15 hits or higher starts the rock n roll mode. In this mode, you will get a line of enemies with all the same letter. An easy target. In difficult situations hit the space bar to activate slow motion. You can also use this move to link combos!.

You need to wait for the slow motion bar to replenish before you can use the feature again. Shoot as many enemies during slow motion as possible to raise the replenish speed rate and to collect candy!. Shoot the enemy before he is about of make contact with your hero. Otherwise, you are going to take major damage!. Well, Good Luck. Take the role of three famous demon hunters to fight corpses, mummies, and witches and to become the Halloween candy King!