Dance Mat Typing Level 3 – Stage 8

Hi from kids to All are welcome to Dance Mat Typing, Learn touch typing with fun and Enjoy. This learning class is fundamental for typing. You learned basic from here it will never forget and useful for your future, let’s enter to the basic rules for typing here. It has four levels to teach and play here. Each Level is divided into three stages. It has a home row (center of the keyboard row), bottom row, and Top row. Each and Every stage assumes previous lessons, Definitely, you will be as soon as touch typing adroit at the final stage of each level, You can probe and Prove yourself to your typing speed and get fun rewards.

Hi Monkeys welcome to here:- After Completed Level Two and all three stages then you will start to learn another six new key of bottom row letters of v, m, b, n, c and the comma (,) with including the home row and the top row keys.

Now you start by learning Bottom row keys – Level 3- Stage 2: Use the Index Finger (the finger next to the thumb). Left hand Index Finger for B and right hand Index Finger for N. It is very simple because it is easy to learn. Your keyboard skill will be improved by learning here.

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