Cartoon Typer

Cartoon Typer: – It is a Typer game from the other quite keyboard gaming because it is related to the cartoon games. Yes! It is The Interactive Educational computerized game in Typing section the kids and who want interested in the Typing. It is full and only for an educational prospectus for kids. To learn Typing with the help of us and computerized game to improve your Typing Skills and learn with game end Enjoy it.

Instructions: – Type the letters or word that the red and black border Triangle indicated which words that you will type correctly otherwise you will not enter the next level. For each correct answer, you will be rewarded Points. Any mistake will result in a loss of 20 points and 1 try & you have 20 tries.
You may find healing snails which give you 1 free try. The Next level bar shows the number of objects. You have to type before you move to a new level. Your current level is displayed at the top of the Screen. After every few levels, new characters will appear. There is no end to the levels you can play. You stats will be shown after the game is over.

Hints and Tips: –  Press the space bar to pause the game. Press escape going back to the main menu while playing. Remember to type your name in the stats screen. No cheats are made for this game. Learn to type with enjoying Good Luck…