Alphabet Jungle Type

Alphabet Jungle Type: – You will be given 6 letters below from which you can spell words between 3-6 letter long. You must spell as many words as you can in the given time so you are not boiled in the pot. In easy mode, your goal is 60% of all the words, Medium 75%, Hard 100%. To play use the keyboard or mouse. To play with the mouse, hover over the letters and click them, to erase from the word you are spelling just click on the word. If you want to submit your score and are stuck but still have lots of time left just click “End Game” on the man, this will finish the game off quickly. If you just want to start to start a new game, just click new game or one of the skill levels.

How To Play:
Use the keyboard or mouse to play. Just type and wipe out words as you would on entire keyboard. More busy instructions for playing mutually the mouse are in the game.