Keyboard Defender

Keyboard Defender:- You, for whatever reason, are being attacked by endless legions of keyboard monsters. All you have to do is survive as long as you can. You are in the center of the screen. The number displayed on you is your hip. If it gets to zero, you die. Game Over. The enemies come out the side of the screen and come towards you. They are completely indestructible save one critical weakness. The letter printed right on them! hover your mouse over the enemy, and while over them, press the letter. they die, you 2 hp and score one point. Should they make it all the way to you, they will do 5 damage. no problem in the beginning, but it gets much harder. There are power ups, too a green health pickup may appear when you hp is low. It gives 20 hp if you can get it. they have two letters, and you must be hovering over them while typing both! a small black bomb might appear, also. It is difficult to type both letters at once while staying on top of them, but if you do, all enemies on the screen die. Bombs and health don’t do damage if they hit you. Should your mouse leave before you type the second letters, you have to start again. The pick you targets carefully!. Press the space bar to pause the game and toggle sound on and off.